Aromatherapy Votive Candle

Aromatherapy Votive Candle

Plant based, Aromatherapy Candles

The details:

 - Approximately 20 hour burn time. 
 - Vegan Candle, made with essential oils & natural soy wax only. 
 - Presented in a beautiful reusable grey, enamel container.
Choose From:

Pelargonium & Grapefruit - 
 this new candle is a refreshing, contemporary floral scent with a zing of grapefruit. Delicate floral notes and stress busting grapefruit, gives  an immediate freshness and modernity.
Tea Garden - a herb scented candle, made with a blend of Sage, Rosemary & Lavender, combined with Bergamot. Tea garden is a mood boosting treat for those that love the delicious aroma of herbs with a slightly more floral edge than our other herby blend of candle.

Citronella & Clementine essential oils are blended with natural, soy wax to create a beautiful, plant based candle which made with the great outdoors in mind - a delicious sweetness and citrus zing. 

Rosemary and Lavender is evocative of the traditional kitchen garden. Rosemary stimulates and relaxes, while Lavender is well known for it's soothing qualities.

Wild Rose essential oil is an uplifting oil, widely used in aromatherapy, massage and candles to combat depression, grief, anger and fear. The oil itself is very expensive, due to the process undertaken to extract the oil from what is already a highly prized and much beloved flower. 

Gifting your candle: 
Each votive candle is wrapped in tissue paper and presented gorgeous little brown paper box or bag, tied with string. 
 - Ingredients and raw materials responsibly sourced from UK suppliers. 
 - Blended and poured in Kent.

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