Phalaenopsis "Moth" Orchid

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Local date is Wed 28th Sep 2022, 08:13
Local date is Wed 28th Sep 2022, 08:13

Phalaenopsis "Moth" Orchid

Only 3 remaining

Our two stemmed orchids make a superb gift for any lucky recipient. They can be sent for birthdays, anniversaries, to say thank you, congratulations or even as a house warming gift. You can even treat yourself by ordering this hand made plant gift for your own home or office.

In winter, position moth orchids in bright light to encourage flowering. An east- or west-facing windowsill is ideal. 
In summer, keep them out of direct sun, as it can scorch the leaves.

Moth orchids like consistently warm conditions all year round – 19–30°C 

Keep plants away from radiators and heaters, and out of draughts, as they dislike fluctuating temperatures.​Also see our guide to growing orchids indoors.
Correct watering is vital to ensure moth orchids stay healthy. If kept too wet, the roots are likely to rot, but if kept too dry, the roots may shrivel and die.

Water moth orchids lightly, about once a week. Water from above and tip out any water that collects in the saucer. Alternatively, hold the container under a gently running tap, being careful not to wet the leaves, or stand it in a bowl of water, then allow to drain thoroughly.

Please note that the choice of orchid colour may differ from that shown.

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